Saturday, April 3, 2021

Don't forget to update your ...

WEBSITES BUILDERS and DOMAIN NAMES! Why is this important?

   Well, for one, it directs all traffic to your home page. You need others to be directed to your Awesome Website.

   For many years I personally relied on a website builder that was Spectacular.  Companies such as "WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly, Shopify, Webflow, Bootstrap..." They are happy to announce a FREE WEBSITE. 

Not Always 😕 

   In my earlier years, I was not aware that they can change the situation. Recently I was neglecting my website. I did not update my Website. I just assumed it would always be online.  Not so, As technology improves, Its updates become more expensive and difficult to revamp. 
   The website announces better this and better that. As they changed the tools and setups it changed my understanding. I spent days trying to fix my situation with no results. I now have to accept that I will have to update my website at a cost. 
So I recommend that You DON"T forget to update your Website or Blog. Checkout Your website builders or Track down when you need to pay for your Domain Name. Or you may find yourself lingering in Space

Take Care...   Jacqueline Price

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