Saturday, April 3, 2021

Don't forget to update your ...

WEBSITES BUILDERS and DOMAIN NAMES! Why is this important?

   Well, for one, it directs all traffic to your home page. You need others to be directed to your Awesome Website.

   For many years I personally relied on a website builder that was Spectacular.  Companies such as "WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly, Shopify, Webflow, Bootstrap..." They are happy to announce a FREE WEBSITE. 

Not Always 😕 

   In my earlier years, I was not aware that they can change the situation. Recently I was neglecting my website. I did not update my Website. I just assumed it would always be online.  Not so, As technology improves, Its updates become more expensive and difficult to revamp. 
   The website announces better this and better that. As they changed the tools and setups it changed my understanding. I spent days trying to fix my situation with no results. I now have to accept that I will have to update my website at a cost. 
So I recommend that You DON"T forget to update your Website or Blog. Checkout Your website builders or Track down when you need to pay for your Domain Name. Or you may find yourself lingering in Space

Take Care...   Jacqueline Price

Monday, October 31, 2016

Dani Duck: Artist Obscure: Delightful Director Dr. Mira Reisberg -- and a Prize!

Dani Duck: Artist Obscure: Delightful Director Dr. Mira Reisberg -- and a Prize!: For more information on the wonderful courses offered at the Academy go here:

Hello! I am Jacqueline Price and I just wanted to thank Dr, Mira Reisberg for the added information to help me piece together everything together for my smart dummy. My book is now on the move.  

Dani Duck: Artist Obscure created this contest to help motivate procrastinator's, like myself, to complete our projects.

I have been Portrait Artist and Illustrator for over 35 yrs. I later got my degree in Graphic Design in 1996 and started serious photography 8yrs ago. The title: "Art your photoz" was chosen to help people visualize that those precious moments they captured could be a masterpiece in their home.

I started writing children stories for my grandchildren up north 10 yrs ago to help them keep in touch with us. I raised my children on my made up stories and episodes for bedtime entertainment. Some of the stories I have told my grandchildren and they loved them.

 This has been a great challenge for me. I learned to squeeze in the time for everything without disrupting my routines. Thank you Again

Jacqueline Price

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Basic Posing Techniques

Kelly Brown is one the best New Born infant photographer that I know. Her skill in teaching others how to pose and prepare the babies in position, is remarkable. I first saw her work on I immediately took her course. I love her gentle loving touch with the infants. She also knows babies and how to maneuver them gently. Did you notice the fan in the background. This is white noise to lull the baby to sleep.  And did you notice that taking this photo can be done anywhere with little equipment. We can see how she enjoys every moment as much as I enjoyed watching her taking this baby's photo's.

Sue Bryce and Kelly Brown: How to Pose a Mother With Newborn Baby

Being a student of these photographers has been such a great experience. They are world renown photographers and know their trade. Hope you enjoy this video

Hypnotize Your Clients | Sue Bryce and Felix Kunze


Sue Bryce really has a way in instructing simple poses for women. This video give some portrait hints.

Friday, September 11, 2015

We are wonderfully made. Drawing faces

We are wonderfully made.

Portraits, caricature, drawing faces, photographing faces, all have one thing in common. Our facial features. All our facial features are the same. We have eyes, mouths, ears eyebrows, nose and other little oddities such as facial hair and maybe some unique beauty features. 
A Child has a shorter face because of the jaw not being fully developed. This is why the child has a larger forehead and the eyes are  lower in the face. As the child grows, the chin grows, and the face become longer. The eyes adjust and give the face a more mature appearance. Bones become denser. So the child will have a narrow neck and smaller limbs and so forth.

So how can we use this information as we draw a face. The top of your ears start at the lower part of your eyes. The bottom of your ears come down to the bottom of your nose. Now this is approximate as depending on the size of them. I have very small ears. So you will notice the elliptical line that is dissecting the upper diagrams of the simple faces that this can help you to gauge where you should put the ears.  So when you are drawing a face it will help you to map out where everything goes.  Also if you are drawing a child, the length of the chin will determine the age.
I hope this will help you to develop you portrait drawings to look more like a face. Especially when you are cartooning or drawing without the face in front of you. Sometimes you will look at your drawing and wonder what is wrong. Well this will help.
Have Fun and remember practice, practice, practice, that make perfect.